Erchius Eye

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Erchius Eye
Unique Weapon
Erchius Eye.gif

The eye of The Erchius Horror! Focus it upon your enemies.

Erchius Eye is a Tier 2 Unique Weapon dropped by the boss Erchius Horror.

It has a 10% chance to drop from the boss when defeated and is considered a tier 2 weapon.

Its primary attack consist of shooting a piercing beam from the eye iris. The beam has a base power of 3 and deals damage to all enemies touching it every 0.2 seconds, resulting in a base damage per second of 15 before accounting for armor damage bonuses and buffs. While the beam is being fired, the player gets 30 of their energy drained per second.

The secondary attack throws an erchius crystal grenade which after 0.5 seconds explodes into a shotgun spread of 5 crystal shards which explode on contact (this shotgun spread has the same general direction as the grenade's velocity at the time of explosion). Each grenade costs 25 energy to launch and incurs a 2-second delay before another grenade can be used. The base power for the grenade explosion is 10.125, and each of the 5 shards released by the explosion deals 20% of the explosion damage, or 2.025 for a 100% damage modifier. Oddly enough, the erchius crystal grenade does not bounce off of surfaces it contacts, limiting the potential for trick shots.

When upgraded at a Weapon Upgrade Anvil to tier 6, the beam damage per tick increases to 7, raising base beam damage per second to 35. Additionally, the crystal grenade's explosion damage increases to 23.625, and crystal shard damage increases to 4.725. As well, the Erchius Eye's appearance changes to the one shown below.

Erchius Eye (Upgraded).png

Apart from the addition of a gold star to the name, no other changes occur as a result of the upgrade.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem erchiuseye
File Name erchiuseye.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\bossdrop\erchiuseye