Erchius Horror

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Erchius Horror
Tier 1 boss
Crystal Boss.gif
Health 5280 HP
Phases 3
Mission Lunar Base Icon.png Erchius Mining Facility


Drops Erchius Eye Icon.png Erchius Eye (10%)
Erchius Horror Figurine Icon.png Erchius Horror Figurine (5%)

The Erchius Horror is a mysterious hostile life-form encased in a massive Erchius crystal, discovered deep within a Letheia Corporation mining facility. It defends itself with devastating plasma beams, and unlucky souls that get too close are drawn into the crystal and mutated into "Moontants"; brainless slaves to the creature's will.

It is unknown if the Horror is a separate creature that makes its home in Erchius veins, or if the fuel in its large crystal form is in fact a byproduct of the beast. Its relation to other Erchius-based monstrosities is vague at best.


The Erchius Mining Facility

The Horror is the final Boss of the Erchius Mining Facility Mission, and must be destroyed in order to complete the "Become Space-worthy" Quest that finally allows the player's Ship to travel the stars again. It waits in the deepest part of the mine, guarded by dozens of Moontant minions.

The immobile Horror cannot be attacked directly; the only way to damage it is by activating the Mining Laser directly beneath it. This requires the player to activate four Small Wall Switches found throughout the chamber to power up the Laser, then return to the device and activate it so send a powerful blast into the beast. This sounds easy, except the Horror projects powerful plasma beams as a defense mechanism, requiring the player to dodge between them and find safe zones in the beams' patterns. These beams penetrate through the Girder blocks above and below the Horror, leaving no truly safe spaces inside the chamber. Once the beams dissipate, the Horror spits out a Moontant below it to harry the player further, then starts up the beam attack again.

Once the Laser is fired into the beast, it changes its beam pattern, and the Laser must be re-charged by re-flipping all four switches. Three shots will finally shatter the creature (and free a single thankful miner from a mutated fate).

The Energy Dash and Pulse Jump Techs are highly recommended for dodging and mobility. Be very careful when dropping down through the platforms to avoid taking fall damage.

While the beams can be blocked with a Shield, they inflict steady damage that ignores invincibility frames, which can very quickly chew through any Shield's durability. An expertly-timed Shield-raising will offer a brief moment where the beam does no damage, but it's risky at best. The Trail Dash broadsword ability can completely dodge the lasers.

If you're going to take a hit, move in the opposite direction the beam is traveling to minimize the damage taken. Have multiple healing items and some Food in your hotbar; continuous slow healing is very beneficial.



  • The Erchius Horror was first teased in a daily development update on the game's official site[1].
  • Despite the Horror being a Tier 1 Boss, it has health that surpasses that of The Ruin.