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Tier 2 boss
Health 900 HP
Phases 1
Mission Floran Mission Icon.png Ceremonial Hunting Caverns


Drops Ixodoom Claw Icon.png Ixodoom Claw (10%)
Ixodoom Figurine Icon.png Ixodoom Figurine (5%)

The Ixodoom is a vicious, massive, long-lived predator, like a cross between a crab and a spider. Provided they survive their much more vulnerable Ixoling juvenile state, these beasts can live to be over 200 years old.

They are covered in thick bony plates that can regenerate with unsettling speed, keeping them safe from most things crazy or desperate enough to attack it. It can climb along steep vertical surfaces with ease thanks to its ability to create sticky climbing webs and its deadly scythe-like limbs. Add to this the potent acid it can spit from its maw, and Ixodooms are monsters best avoided if at all possible.

An especially old and huge Ixodoom was captured by a Floran tribe and placed deep inside the Ceremonial Hunting Caverns as the ultimate hunting trophy, and every subsequent year, another was captured.


Ceremonial Hunting Caverns

The Ixodoom is the Boss of the Ceremonial Hunting Caverns Mission, and must be defeated in order to complete the "Fetch the Floran Artifact" Quest. It waits at the end of the area in a massive cavern, clinging to the wall above the player and Nuru, the multi-year winner of the Floran ceremonial hunt.

The creature's shell is incredibly resilient, taking only 3% damage from any of the player's attacks. Fortunately, Nuru's spear blasts are more effective, and can eventually crack the shell even without the player's help. Once the shell is broken, it's up to the player to attack the Ixodoom's vulnerable fleshy bits, as Nuru's spear-blasts don't do much more damage to the unarmored Ixodoom. While they can kill the Ixodoom by themselves, it is a very, very slow process.

The Ixodoom's shell will regenerate once its health drops to roughly 66%, at which point the shell must be broken again. It will regrow once more at roughly 25% health.

Naturally, melee weapons are not well-suited to the task of taking down the Ixodoom thanks to its habit of retreating high up the wall, making ranged attacks the method of choice. However, it is recommended to keep a good melee weapon handy to deal with the Ixolings that join in the fight. Area-of-effect weapons are good for doing steady damage to the shell and hastening its shattering.

  • Body Blow
The Ixodoom's standard attack is to simply try to crush you under its massive bulk. This attack is a straight vertical nosedive, so watch for the Ixodoom to line up and pause. There's a second before it takes the fall, so dash quickly out of the way. A speedy player can slip in close and inflict some more damage to its shell while it's briefly stunned following the impact.
  • Ixoling Spawn
Occasionally the Ixodoom moves to the center of the room and begins to spawn slime-covered eggs along the web covering the background wall, which give off a sickly green glow. After a few seconds, the eggs burst open and drop Ixolings down the the floor of the cavern. These simple critters crawl along the ground and leap at the player should they get within range. They are weak and easy to kill with a decent weapon, but they spawn throughout the fight and can really make the boss room crowded over time if not taken care of. Nuru won't help you clear them out, so clearing them out is all up to you. Also, the lower the Ixodoom's health is, the more Ixoling eggs it generates each time.
Be aware that Ixolings will remain alive and dangerous even after the Ixodoom dies!
  • Acid Spray
After moving to an upper corner of the room, the Ixodoom turns towards the player, then spits out five acid blasts in a spray that spread out as they travel. Dashing can get the player out of range, but a player close to the wall may have to jump high, or use tech (pulse jump, spike sphere, etc.) in order to completely avoid the attack.
  • Acid Rain
The Ixodoom retreats to about midway up the wall, then slides horizontally while spitting a series of acid globs at the floor. The safest way to avoid this is to simply outrun it, preferably using Dash Techs, and make for the safe space up against the wall ahead of the Ixodoom's movement. This is easy enough to avoid it, but the presence of Ixolings can complicate the retreat. Moves like the Blink Dash can allow the player to move opposite the Ixodoom's direction without getting hit by the acid.

This fight can be hectic, especially with increasing swarms of Ixolings on the floor. Luckily, Nuru is invulnerable, so the player can let them do the bulk of the shell-cracking while the player deals with the distractions, or uses that time to heal if there are none. As with every boss fight, it's advisable to eat a Food Item or other medical item that provides steady healing over time before entering the chamber, as well as any other preferred buffs. The brave-and-or-crazy can try using Status Effects like Jump Boost or Glowing buffs to get in the Ixodoom's face and use heavy melee weapons on it.


Fortunately, the only other encounters with Ixodoom are when they're long dead and fossilized. Five pieces of fossilized Ixodoom are potential prizes in the excavation mini-game while exploring underground, and can be assembled into a huge fossil display. Unfortunately, the Fossils gained from completing the minigame are completely random and not dictated by Biome, Tier, or any other factor, so it might take a while to assemble the full Fossil.

Ixodoom 21
Ixodoom Skeleton.png
"This arthropod's thick exoskeleton has helped it survive for millions of years."



  • The Ixodoom was not in the original Beta development version of the Hunting Caverns. The "boss" area was instead an arena-like structure where the player faced more Floran warriors, as well as an especially tough one decked out in a Gladiator Helmet.