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Blink Dash
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Upgrades your Dash to blink past traps and enemies. Cooldown: 2.5s

Blink Dash is a Tech that allows the player to quickly teleport forward while on the ground. It has a 2.5 second cooldown and is activated by double tapping in the direction the player wants to blink towards. It's equipped in the body tech slot at a Tech Console or the Tech Lab at the Outpost.

When activated, the character will teleport up to 13 blocks forward and up to 13 blocks above or below the character's current altitude depending on the terrain.

Blink Dash Mechanics

The game determines where to teleport you by moving forward one block at a time and testing for whether the character would collide with terrain or solid objects.

  • If the answer is no, then the game moves down one block and tests again. If this test determines that there would be no collisions with terrain, solid objects or platforms, then this position is set as the tentative teleport position; otherwise, the position one block above this latest tested position is set as the tentative teleport position.
  • If the answer is yes, then the game moves up one block and tests again. If this test determines that there would still be a collision with terrain or solid objects (platforms are not considered for this test), then the loop breaks; otherwise, this position is set as the tentative teleport position.

This cycle repeats until the loop breaks or the game has set a tentative teleport position which is 13 blocks ahead of the character's current position. Once the cycle ends, the last tentative teleport position set becomes the position to which the character warps.

Implications of Mechanics

As a result of the method by which the game determines where the character ends up, Blink Dash cannot be used to teleport past walls or solid objects which are at least 2 blocks taller than their surroundings. However, Blink Dash can be used to teleport up and down 45-degree and smaller slopes. Since liquids are not considered when determining teleport position, it is possible to teleport directly into a pool of liquid using Blink Dash (which can be catastrophic if the liquid happens to be Lava). It is also possible to teleport into a pit without ground beneath oneself, but the depth that one descends during the teleport changes depending on how close the character is to the pit's edge (closer to the edge means a lower teleport position).

Blink dash is particularly useful for melee focused characters, having both defense and offensive advantages for traveling in and out of melee range.

Due to the mechanics of teleportation not involving speed at all, Blink Dash, unlike other Body Techs, is not improved by Run Boost; however, it is not made less effective by slowing Debuffs, either, making it consistently effective in all situations.

To unlock Blink Dash, players will first have to complete A Dashing Individual to unlock Dash. Blink Dash then becomes available as an upgrade at a Tech Console or the Tech Lab of the Outpost which costs 8 Tech Cards to unlock.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem blinkdashtech
File Name blinkdash.techitem
File Path assets/tech/dash