Distortion Sphere

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Distortion Sphere
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Turn into a sphere that can fit into smaller places! [F]

Distortion Sphere is a Tech that allows the player to transform into a ball and roll. While activated, characters appear as a dark ball bisected by a light blue line. It fits in the Head tech slot.


This tech will automatically unlock once players complete Getting The Ball Rolling at the Outpost. Further upgrades to the Distortion Sphere include the Aqua Sphere, Spike Sphere, and Sonic Sphere which can be unlocked at a Tech Console or the Tech Lab of the Outpost for eight Tech Cards each.


Distortion Sphere shrinks the player to half their height, allowing them to access pathways as short as 2 tiles clearance. The player can roll at normal run speed and will gain more speed if rolling down a slope.

To activate the sphere press 'F'. To switch to normal form, press 'F' again while in a space *large enough to accommodate the humanoid form of the character. Transforming into the sphere consumes 50 energy, and energy regeneration is blocked until 1.5 seconds after the player deactivates sphere form.

Players in the sphere jump at a shortened height of three tiles in normal gravity (Base jump height is 7 tiles), and cannot jump at all while submerged in liquid.

Roll speed is improved by Run Boost, and jump height while in Distortion Sphere form is improved by Jump Boost. Players in Distortion Sphere receive full, regular damage.


  • Careful when rolling down uncharted slopes which can quickly become cliffs and steep falls.
  • It is possible* to trap a player in a sphere by placing blocks completely around them. Unable to leave sphere form without any space, they must resort to waiting for the blocks to be destroyed.
    • Holding F while in sphere form when you are in too small a space to transform to forcefully transform, allowing you to escape some areas.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem distortionspheretech
File Name distortionsphere.techitem
File Path assets/tech/distortionsphere