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Aqua Sphere
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Turn into a sphere and move quickly across liquids! [F]

Aqua Sphere is a Tech that allows the player to transform into a ball and roll quickly over water. While activated characters are shown as a silver ball with two large blue circles inside. It's unlocked using eight Tech Cards at a Tech Console or the Tech Lab of the Outpost and fits inside the Head tech slot.

Aqua Sphere shares much of its functionality with Distortion Sphere, having a default roll speed on land of 14 (identical to the humanoid form's default run speed), an energy cost of 50, and the blocking of energy regeneration while in Aqua Sphere form and for 1.5 seconds after exiting it. However, the Aqua Sphere is buoyant and floats on all liquids; in addition, default rolling speed increases to 18 while in a liquid, making travel on Ocean, Toxic and Arctic planet surfaces much easier (it's not recommended on Magma planets, though - that's where you should be using a Green Boat instead). Activating Aqua Sphere while on the ocean floor is also an effective means of quickly returning to the surface.

It can be used to access pathways that are too small for the player to walk inside. However, players in sphere form cannot jump very high, nor can they warp back to their ship - they will need to switch back to normal form in order to get over obstacles and teleport off-planet.

To activate the sphere press 'F'. To switch to normal form, press 'F' again while in a space large enough to accommodate the character's humanoid form.

Roll speed on both land and liquid is improved by Run Boost, and jump height while in Aqua Sphere form is improved by Jump Boost.

This tech will be made available to unlock after unlocking Distortion Sphere. It can be then unlocked using eight Tech Cards at a Tech Console or the Tech Lab of the Outpost.


The sphere appears to be based on the signature 'Morph Ball' technology utilized by Samus Aran, the protagonist of the Metroid franchise.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem aquaspheretech
File Name aquasphere.techitem
File Path assets/tech/distortionsphere