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Multi Jump
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Upgrades your Pulse Jump to allow up to 3 smaller bursts. Refreshed upon landing.

Multi Jump is a Tech that allows the player to jump multiple times in midair. It's equipped in the Legs tech slot at any Tech Console.

Like Pulse Jump it allows the player to jump in midair; unlike Pulse Jump, Multi Jump allows the player to jump up to 3 times in mid-air, but each jump only has 65% of the jump height of a ground jump. Landing will refresh the jump counter.

To unlock Multi Jump, players will first have to complete Jumping To The Right Conclusion to unlock Pulse Jump. Multi Jump then becomes available as an upgrade at a Tech Console, either a player-placed one or the one inside the Tech Lab of the Outpost, which costs 8 Tech Cards to unlock.

As the small jumps of Multi Jump scale off of ground jumps, Multi Jump is improved by Jump Boost.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem multijumptech
File Name multijump.techitem
File Path assets/tech/jump