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Wall Jump
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Upgrades your Pulse Jump to allow jumping from vertical walls. Refreshed upon landing.

Wall Jump is a tech that allows the player to latch onto vertical surfaces and jump off of them. It's equipped in the Legs tech slot at any Tech Console.

Like Pulse Jump it allows the player to jump once in midair. However, Wall Jump allows the player to latch onto walls by moving into them. Once latched onto a wall, the player will begin to slide down the wall to its bottom. If the Jump key is pressed while sliding down the wall, the player will perform a wall jump which has the same jump height as a ground jump but also has a horizontal component forcing the player away from the wall. As long as there is terrain to accommodate it, there is no limit to the number of wall jumps that can be performed without landing on the ground. Note that the mid-air jump only recharges once the player lands on a horizontal surface or becomes submerged in liquid - latching onto a wall does not recharge the mid-air jump.

To unlock Wall Jump players will first have to complete Jumping To The Right Conclusion to unlock Pulse Jump. Wall Jump then becomes available as an upgrade at any Tech Console which costs 8 Tech Cards to unlock.

Both the mid-air jump and wall jumps scale off of ground jumps and are therefore improved by Jump Boost.

The effectiveness of this item is greatly increased by equipping a Gravity Augment onto your EPP making it possible to gain height using only one wall.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem walljumptech
File Name walljump.techitem
File Path assets/tech/jump