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Sprint Icon.png

Replaces the dash with a sprint which costs energy!

Sprint is a Tech that allows the player to use energy to run forward while on the ground. It consumes 15 energy per second and is activated by double tapping in the direction the player wants to run towards. It's equipped in the Body tech slot at a Tech Console or the Tech Lab of the Outpost.

While activated characters will travel at a speed which is 60% faster than their run speed (for a default run speed of 14, sprint speed is 22.4); they will also trail energy behind them. When deactivated, characters will have their vertical velocity set to 0 momentarily - good timing on deactivation can mitigate or even nullify fall damage that would otherwise occur due to falling from large heights.

Sprint is particularly useful for non-combat situations involving frequent travel across relatively level terrain, such as large-scale farming or gift collection from tenants.

As Sprint speed scales off of run speed, Sprint is improved by Run Boost. Energy Boost is also helpful because it increases maximum energy, extending the time that one can sprint before one's energy pool depletes.

To unlock Sprint, players will first have to complete A Dashing Individual to unlock Dash. Sprint then becomes available as an upgrade at a Tech Console or the Tech Lab of the Outpost which costs 8 Tech Cards to unlock.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem sprinttech
File Name sprint.techitem
File Path assets/tech/dash