Getting The Ball Rolling

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Scientist Quest Portrait.png Getting The Ball Rolling
Side Quest

Rounding Up The Components

Questgiver: Elliott

Turn In: Elliott
Pixels-Sell.png 300
Rounding Up The Components

Getting The Ball Rolling is a quest given by Apex Scientist Elliott in the Tech Lab after completing Rounding Up The Components.

After accepting the quest speaking to Elliott again will give the option to teleport to a tech challenge course. In this course the distortion sphere tech is automatically enabled, which allows the player to become a small sphere. Players must carefully use this new tech to reach the end of the course. Along the way there will be a variety of obstacles and traps, but there's no mortal danger inside the course.

At the end of the course is a teleporter back to the outpost. Once back there the distortion sphere tech will be available for use, as well as a variety of available upgrades for it at the console in the tech lab.

Quest Text

Outpost Scientist.png


Quest Text

"My Distortion Sphere Tech is ready to roll! I'd like you to test it on the new obstacle course I've set up. You should have no problems getting into any of the narrow spaces inside. Talk to me again when you're ready to go in."

Completion Text

"Excellent! The Distortion Sphere Tech performed just as I'd hoped it would. Please, keep it - thanks to you I've been able to make significant strides in my research!"




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