The Lost Teddy

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Bernard Bear Quest Portrait.png The Lost Teddy
Side Quest
Questgiver: Bernard

Turn In: Bernard
Pixels-Sell.png 50

The Lost Teddy is a side quest which is available after initially visiting the outpost.

It requires players gather and turn in a Teddy Bear, which can be crafted at a Spinning Wheel. Once this quest has been completed the shop Ursa Miner will open, offering players refined ore.

Once this quest is completed on one character, it will never be offered to any other characters unless they completely erase their player folder contents.

Quest Text

Bernard Bear Quest.png


Quest Text

"My Little Dipper lost his dear teddy bear. I just can't finish setting up shop with him like this - can you help me get a new teddy bear for him, please?"

Completion Text

"Little Dipper is happy now! Thank you, now I can finish opening up the shop."



File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest ursaminer1
File Name ursaminer1.questtemplate
File Path assets\quests\outpost