The Erchius Mining Facility

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Penguin Pete Portrait.png The Erchius Mining Facility
Story Quest

Getting Started

Questgiver: Penguin Pete

Turn In: Penguin Pete
Pixels-Sell.png 50
Getting Started
Visit The Outpost

The Erchius Mining Facility is a quest which sends players to the game's first mission the Erchius Mining Facility.

There are a number of hostile moontants and a boss encounter; the Erchius Horror inside the facility. Players should make sure they've equipped basic protective armor, have a comfortable weapon and some food or healing supplies. While SAIL may warn the player about radiation levels, these are part of the narrative and are not actually dangerous to the player.

After defeating the Erchius Horror, a passage will unlock to gather the required Erchius Crystals, along with a teleporter to return to the shipyard captain at the outpost.

He'll repair your ship after turn in, enabling it to travel to other planets within the local system. Completing this quest is a requirement of the quest Getting Started, which can now be turned into Esther.

Quest Text

Penguin Pete Quest Portrait.png

Penguin Pete

Quest Text

"I can repair that ship, but it's gonna take 20 Erchius Crystals... You'd better get yerself over to the Erchius Mining Facility. I've sent the location coordinates to yer ship's SAIL."

Completion Text

"Perfect! These'll do the job. I'll go ahead and fix up yer ship right now."