Fresh Tunes

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Koichi Quest Portrait.png Fresh Tunes
Side Quest

Silent Knight

Questgiver: Koichi

Turn In: Koichi
Pixels-Sell.png 1000
Silent Knight
The Final Acquisition

Fresh Tunes is a side quest given by Koichi at the ark after players have completed Silent Knight.

For this quest, Koichi asks the player to search Human camps for an Old Television. Once the object has been collected, return to Koichi at the ark for a reward and the final museum side quest.

Quest Text

Koichi Sprite.png


Quest Text

"My museum's almost complete! And I think Nuru might actually be coming round to the idea. I've heard about an interesting object called a "Basic TV" that would fit well in the human exhibit. Could you bring me one? They're common in human camps, but not atypical in other areas too."

Completion Text

"Wonderful! It's so kind of you to be collecting these things for me. Just one more exhibit left now!"



File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest museumcurator5
File Name museumcurator5.questtemplate
File Path assets\quests\outpost