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The Arena is a sidequest given by Nuru at the Outpost. Accepting the quest will teleport the player to a special instance where they'll have to defeat a series of enemies to continue.

Immediately after teleporting there players will encounter a "hint NPC" who will give tips about the fight they're about to undertake. Once they enter the arena they'll be unable to leave without completing the battle.

Fight 1: The Gladiators

The first fight in the arena is against three gladiators wearing golden armor:

  • Bruiser - Moves slowly, but hits very, very hard with his sword.
  • Berserker - Fast melee fighter, swings from his sword will slow the players movement speed.
  • Shooter - The shooter will attempt to stay at range and fire shots at the player, but has weak armor.

A good strategy is to take out the melee fighter and shooters first, because they'll go down quickly compared to Bruiser. Take special care to avoid being in melee range of Bruiser at any time, his attacks are devastatingly powerful.

After completing the fight the right side gate will open, allowing teleportation back to the outpost.

Fight 2: Volo the Hunter

The second fight is a hunter named Volo. She'll stay at long range and shoot the player while her pets attack in melee. Being hit from her shot will also greatly slow movement speed, allowing her to kite very effectively and remain out of reach.

The best option is to use what cover the arena provides to avoid being hit from her shots, then dispatch her minions quickly. Once they are out of the way, carefully get close enough to engage Volo. If you're engaging her with melee attacks she's very weak in close range.

Fight 3: Templar Inferno

The final fight has players against a single champion, with some fire monsters alongside him and some fire traps. Burn Spray is recommended, as it will help mitigate the damage from burning.

The monsters inside, as well as the champion, will enrage and gain 50% more attack power when struck by the flame traps in the center of the arena. If they come into contact with the traps they'll glow red, make sure not to be struck by attacks from enraged enemies. The enrage will only last a short time, but enemies can very quickly kill the player if not avoided.

Monsters will continue to spawn every 15 seconds until the champion is defeated. It's best to try to focus him as much as possible, as the monsters will spawn forever if he's not killed. Once he's been dealt with the remaining monsters must be dispatched before the right side gate will open as an exit.