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Nuru character art.png
A young Floran hunter who wins at the hunt every year.

Nuru is the youngest champion of the grand hunt at the Floran Ceremonial Hunting Caverns. Now seventeen summers old, she's been winning the grand hunt for years, beating out older and more vicious opponents consistently. Markedly more intelligent than the average Floran, she was raised by her tribe's Greenfinger to be much less hostile and aggressive towards other life-forms. This has bred curiosity in the young Floran, as well as a playful, mischievous, and slightly sarcastic personality. She hopes that the Floran can be made into a leaner, smarter, more socially-acceptable race... but still a race renowned for their fighting prowess.

Though smaller and friendlier than most Floran, looks are deceptive, and Nuru is a lethal warrior, capable to taking down far larger opponents. She has no qualms about throwing herself into the fray with a great big smile on her face.


Ceremonial Hunting Caverns

Nuru is first met in the "Fetch the Floran Artifact" Mission, in a small campsite in the early portion of the Ceremonial Hunting Caverns. She lets you past a large gate, and occasionally pop up from time to time, helping the player through closed passages, including the final gate before the lair of the Ixodoom.

Inside the chamber, Nuru begins attacking the Ixodoom with energy blasts launched from her spear. These attacks can eventually crack the Ixodoom's protective shell, but the player can hasten this by attacking the beast themselves. This becomes more helpful as the fight goes on, as Nuru will focus her attacks on the Ixodoom even as the chamber starts crawling with Ixolings. This way, the player can remove the smaller and more immediate threats while Nuru continues to weaken the main target's shell, reducing the need for the player to split their attention.

Nuru cannot be harmed by the Ixodoom or its spawn, so the player does not have to worry about losing her supporting attacks.


Following the Ixodoom's demise, Nuru sets up camp at the Outpost near the Ark. She immediately offers the player a chance to fight in the Arena, starting a short quest chain of increasingly-difficult Arena battles, with some powerful Unique Weapons as the prizes.

Nuru will remain in the Outpost once there, even for new characters within the same universe who have not yet beaten the "Fetch the Floran Artifact" Quest.

A Challenger Approaches

The Glory That's Inside

Arena of Fire

Nuru will also occasionally pipe up with some advice as the player goes through other Artifact Missions.

The Baron's Keep

During the "Fetch the Glitch Artifact" Mission, Nuru and Lana Blake arrive to fight back the hordes of Occasus Cult members attacking The Baron's Keep. Nuru uses the same spear-shot attacks as against the Ixodoom, which can be effective in finishing off weakened enemies. However, she will limit her attacks to the ground-based Cultists, leaving the player to deal with any Helicultists or remaining Ballistas.

Nuru and Lana will telport back to the Outpost when The Baron calls the all-clear. Unfortunately, this means the player is forced to deal with the colossal Bone Dragon (and the Cultists accompanying it) by themselves.



  • Nuru also appears in Chucklefish's strategy-combat game Wargroove as a unique Commander character for the "Floran Tribe" faction.