Lana Blake

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Lana Blake
Lana Blake character art.png
Driven Apex revolutionary.

Lana Blake takes no quarter in the fight against the Miniknog. This no-nonsense Apex revolutionary is a master tactician and helps run black-market goods between rebel camps, but she's not the sort to merely sit behind a desk and lead from the back.

Lana is often right up front leading the charge against heavily-armed Miniknog installations, cool scarf flapping in the wind as she sprays the battlefield with hot lead. Despite these overwhelming odds, she keeps coming out alive and on top. She has completely devoted her life to toppling the oppressive Apex government.

Rather unlike many Apex, Lana can't stomach bananas.


Miniknog Stronghold

Lana Blake at the Miniknog Base

Lana is first encountered at the Miniknog Stronghold as the player attempts to fetch the Apex Artifact for Esther Bright. She leads an Apex rebel commando team through the main grounds in a raid, but cannot progress unless the player opens the numerous gates in the way via switches in the underground maze of labs and sewers. Though she is able to make it to the main building, she is wounded in the fight and needs the player to push ahead, leading to a fight against the "Big Ape" figurehead.

Following the destruction of "Big Ape", Lana makes it underground, where the Apex Artifact is kept. She has no interest in the bauble, and is more than happy to let the player take whatever they want from the lab... and is so thankful for their assistance in this victory that she offers her aid going forward.


Lana's Outpost camp.

Following the raid, Lana sets up camp at the Outpost, just outside the Ark. There she uses her network of suppliers to move a constantly-changing stock of random EPP Augments. Lana's stock changes every 24 hours at 12am UTC, the same time as Tonauac's blessing.

Name Effect Pixel Cost Note
Damage I
Damage II
Damage III
+10% damage
+20% damage
+30% damage
Bonus is multiplicative
Energy I
Energy II
Energy III
+20 energy
+40 energy
+60 energy
Healing I
Healing II
Healing III
+0.55% HP/sec
+0.74% HP/sec
+1.11% HP/sec
100% HP healed in 180 sec
100% HP healed in 135 sec
100% HP healed in 90 sec
Health I
Health II
Health III
+20 max HP
40 max HP
60 max HP
Light I
Light II
Light III
Glow level I
Glow level II
Glow level III
Electric Resist
Fire Resist
Ice Resist
Poison Resist
25% Electric resistance
25% Fire resistance
25% Ice resistance
25% Poison resistance
10,000 Immunity to Electrified
Immunity to Burning
Immunity to Frost
Immunity to Poisoned
Gravity Reduces effects of gravity by 50% 10,000 Does not reduce fall damage
Swimming Increases mobility in water 10,000 Upward mobility vastly increases, side/downward mobility barely affected
Jump +20% Jump height 10,000
Speed +20% Speed 10,000
Mobility +20% Jump height and Speed 25,000 Most expensive Augment
Thorns Damages all enemies within melee range when player takes damage at 1:1 ratio 15,000
  • Lana Blake's stock rotation can be exploited by changing the date and time on the player's device, though the inventory may not immediately reflect the time change until the player saves and quits the game, and reloads the character.

The Baron's Keep

During the "Fetch the Glitch Artifact" Mission, Lana and Nuru arrive to fight back the hordes of Occasus Cult members attacking The Baron's Keep. Lana sticks with her tried-and-true Assault Rifle, which can be effective in finishing off groups of weakened enemies. However, they will limit their attacks to the ground-based Cultists, leaving the player to deal with any Helicultists or remaining Ballistas.

Nuru and Lana will telport back to the Outpost when The Baron calls the all-clear. Unfortunately, this means the player is forced to deal with the colossal Bone Dragon (and the Cultists accompanying it) by themselves.



  • Assuming her first name of Lana is being derived from the Russian name of "Svetlana", her first name means "light" while her last name, Blake, could be interpreted as meaning "pale".