Damage II Augment

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Damage II Augment
EPP Augment
Damage II Augment.png

An EPP module that boosts your damage output.

Damage II Augment is an EPP augment which can be applied to environmental protection packs. It can be sold by Lana Blake at the outpost for 10,000 pixels, and has a very rare chance of being found in chests throughout the universe as well.

To be active this must be applied to an EPP using right click and the pack equipped in the back armor slot. The effect will not be active if the pack is equipped in the vanity armor back slot.

This augment increases the damage that the player deals by 20%. It's the upgraded version of Damage I Augment, can be upgraded to Damage III Augment.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem damageaugment2
File Name damageaugment2.augment
File Path assets\items\augments\back