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Typical Miniknog Society

The Miniknog is the oppressive government of Apex civil society and the main antagonist in the quest to fetch the Apex artifact.

The player will encounter the Miniknog as the dominant power at Apex test facilities, Apex Miniknog bases, Apex city apartments, and Miniknog base space encounters, as well as the Miniknog stronghold. The Miniknog “leader”, Big Ape, is supposedly an all powerful, godlike Apex being who is constantly lionized by Miniknog propaganda. Despite what most Apex have been lead to believe, Big Ape is actually a fiction perpetuated by the Miniknog. It is not revealed in game to the player who is truly at the top of Apex society, but it appears to be some form of oligarchal ruling council[1].

The Miniknog is neither all-knowing nor all-powerful, as a large number of rebel camps exist across the known universe. As such, the Apex are the only race in the game shown to be engaged in a full-blown internal conflict.


Players must fight the Miniknog in a mission assigned by Esther in order to fetch the Apex artifact. To accomplish this, the player must storm a Miniknog stronghold and defeat a holographic projection of Big Ape.

Randomly generated quests may occasionally feature Miniknog scouts as an adversary.


As the Miniknog is a brutal government based upon an immense fog of lies and propaganda, there is a movement, the Apex Rebellion, that is bent upon overthrowing Miniknog rule. Anti-Miniknog rebels can be found in Apex rebel camps. Compared to the Miniknog’s highly advanced weaponry and tactics, arguably the best in the known universe, the rebel arsenal seems low-tech. Despite this disadvantage, the resistance is still holding up. Lana Blake is one of the most important figures in the resistance movement.

Themed Decoratives

Anti-Miniknog Decoratives

A number of anti-Miniknog-themed decorative objects are available.

Pro-Miniknog Decoratives

A number of Miniknog-themed decorative objects are available.


Big Ape is Watching

The Miniknog are the subject of a number of the codex entries discovered by the player.

Apex Rebel Camp

Apex City Apartments

Apex Miniknog Base

Apex Test Facility

Miniknog Stronghold

Miniknog Space Base


  • "Big Ape" is a reference to "Big Brother", the term given for the government's figurehead in George Orwell's 1984. Likewise, the name "Ministry of Knowledge" (the original name of the Miniknog) is inspired by the various ministries mentioned in that book (e.g., Minitrue, Minipax, Miniluv, and Miniplenty). Just like said ministries, the Miniknog promotes the opposite of what it supposedly represents, sowing ignorance and misinformation while hoarding knowledge to itself. Perhaps before it became the totalitarian regime that it is now, the Miniknog did genuinely promote the advancement of the Apex's collective knowledge, but if so, it gave up such noble pursuits before living memory.


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