La Resistance

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La Resistance
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An excerpt from Hylotl Adventurer Hiraki Corale's journal.
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La Resistance is a Apex codex found inside Apex Rebel Camps.

It's one of nine codex entries from the journal of Hiraki Corale.


La Resistance

by Hiraki Corale, Hylotl adventurer

Turns out the Apex resistance fellows are rather nice! They've given me a room of my own, and even locked the door in case the Miniknog storm in and endanger me. So thoughtful!

Earlier, I pulled out my rocket launcher to show them the type of weaponry they should be considering, and it caused such a ruckus!

I've never seen Apex get so excited. One of them was so eager he tried to grab it from me, and we had a little accident involving an RPG and the front of the HQ.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem townresistance-codex
File Name townresistance.codex
File Path assets\codex\hylotl\Hiraki Corale