Off-Earth Human Census

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Off-Earth Human Census
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A census of permanent human settlements outside of Earth.
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Off-Earth Human Census is a codex found in Human Campsites and Prisons.


Off-Earth Human Census

Volume 329, page 804

Schedule No.: 164
System: Misma Fen
Planet: Misma Fen III
Settlement: Rubywood
2 families equalling 4 people total.

Schedule No.: 165
System: Misma Fen
Planet: Misma Fen V
Settlement: Rumours of human habitation incorrect.

Schedule No.: 166
System: Alma Knoll
Planet: Alma Knoll IV
Settlement: Wide Canyon
1 family equalling 2 people total.


Final total of humans dwelling Off-Earth: 15,802,433
Total humans leading nomadic existence: Unknown


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