The Would-Be King Part 6

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The Would-Be King Part 6
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A Glitch folk tale.
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The Would-Be King is a Glitch codex which has a chance to found in Penguin Ships. It's written in six parts.


The Would-Be King Part 6

King Dreadwing whooped and applauded as the armoured Glitch careened towards him. But as the soldier lowered its blade before its charge, he realised something was wrong.

This realisation, of course, came too late - the blade pierced his metal shell, splitting it in twain.

All the Glitch watched as their king fell backwards, his Glitch disguise falling away, revealing a diminutive bird-like creature.

The Glitch had been duped! All this time, their tyrannical king had been a penguin in disguise. It made perfect sense.

Realising the game was up, and badly injured, the evil space pirate Dreadwing made his escape, never to be seen again.

The rogue soldier that had caused his downfall turned out to be the lone Floran, who had grown bored and decided to go on a hunting spree.

They were made an honorary hero of the Glitch people, but then immediately exiled because killing kings is bad, even if they turn out to be penguins in disguise.



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