Yolotli's Diary Entry 1

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Yolotli's Diary Entry 1
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The personal diary of an Avian Ascendant.
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Yolotli's Diary Entry 1 is a codex found in Avian Native Villages.


Yolotli's Diary Entry 1

Today Stargazer Zolin sent for me, and he gave me the most incredible news. I'm to be next cycle's Ascendant! I couldn't believe it! He had to reassure me several times that he hadn't made a mistake. I was so shocked to be deemed worthy! Zolin said, "By the word of Kluex you are worthy".

He told me Kluex came to him in a Star Dream, just as he does each cycle, and this time he asked for me! Hearing that was almost too much. I have been chosen by Kluex himself! I felt lightheaded - almost as though I might spiral skywards right there.


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