Yolotli's Diary Entry 3

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Yolotli's Diary Entry 3
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The personal diary of an Avian Ascendant.
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Yolotli's Diary Entry 3 is a codex found in Avian Native Villages.


Yolotli's Diary Entry 3

After nine days have elapsed, we feast. Every nine days! I've never eaten so well in my life.

The preparation is even more gratifying than the food: the attendants come and help me bathe, and then, once I'm dried, my crest feathers are leafed with gold.

My beak is buffed and polished too, so that it shines brightly in the firelight.

While all this is being done, pine oil is applied to my feathers, so thickly that they feel almost lacquered by the end of it. Pine oil is such a heady scent! It makes me smell like the purest air, high above the mountains.


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