Letheia Corporation Brochure

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Letheia Corporation Brochure Icon.png
Letheia Corporation Brochure
Letheia Corporation Brochure.png
A commercial brochure for the Letheia Corporation.
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Letheia Corporation Brochure is a codex which can be found in Space Encounters.


Letheia Corporation Brochure

The Letheia Corporation is here for you, to help you in every facet of your mortal existence. Our company motto, "Why live life without Letheia?" is now more achievable than ever before! Take a look at our shockingly robust range of products and services:

Space Travel

Our deluxe-class vessels come in a wider range than ever, from industrial freighters to business-class private transport.

Space Stations

Want to start your own orbital trade hub? 65% of all station deployments in the outer rim now happen through Letheia!

Fuel Mining

Letheia's Erchius mining facilities are experiencing 6% fewer mysterious accidents than the next leading competitor.


Our in-house designers produce some of the most widely replicated space vessel furniture in all the galactic clusters!


Lethiea Entertainment brands range from the hugely successful Numi animated series, to niche product lines such as the "Beautiful Attempt!" video-game franchise.


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