What I Did On My Holidays

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What I Did On My Holidays
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A writing exercise given to a young Floran by their tribe's Greenfinger.
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What I Did On My Holidays is a codex found in Floran dungeons and villages.


What I Did On My Holidays

Floran had good holideys. Floran hunt wiff Laida and Kika and Floran kill four scaveran. Almost eeten two times, but use sspeer good and stab in face. Kika make good meats after.

Ssaw Ebi fall in pit two suns ago. Laugh verry hard for long time.

Only bad thing happen is having to make this writing. Floran stil not like sschool. One ssun out of eleven stil too much. Floran cross wiff Greenfinger Turam.


File Details

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