Baron's Keep

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The Baron's Keep is the Glitch themed mission, possessing a Difficulty Tier of 6. It takes the player into a siege of the keep owned by a Glitch Baron. In the mission, cultists will attack the fortress in waves, escalating from infantry to ballistas and finally Da Vinci-style gyrocopters that drop firebombs on the battlefield. During the battle, the player is aided by Nuru from the Ceremonial Hunting Caverns, and Lana Blake from the Miniknog Stronghold. It is special because it doesn't have a protection field over the blocks that make up the guard tower. Unlike most missions, this one does not contain checkpoints, so dying will have you restart the mission. When the mission is finished, the player will be rewarded with the Regal Medallion, the Glitch artifact, and gain the services of The Baron at the Ark.

Guaranteed Treasure

Boss Encounter

The mission's boss is the giant Bone Dragon, ridden by Asra Nox from the Grand Pagoda Library.

See Bone Dragon for strategy against it.


The Cultists will usually get close to you, so High damage Area of Effect will be useful while avoiding onslaught of arrows. A staff with a Pull secondary effect could keep the archers from attacking. Alternately, the Tesla's Staff's main ability is very effective at killing entire groups of ground cultists.
Killing the Cultist(s) operating the Ballista will effectively stop the ballista from firing. The Glitch stationed atop where the Ballista is firing at always shoot where the ballista is. If the ballista is fired, the bolt that it releases will explode and destroy blocks of the guard tower, dealing 10 base damage to anyone in the way.
Watch out for the Helicultists near the end of the defense portion of the mission - the molotovs that they throw deal 10 base damage on contact, and the flames released on explosion each deal 0.5 base damage.

After-Boss Chest

After-Boss Treasure Quantity Weight Chance
1 Always Appears
Random Rewards 4 0.5 50%
Random Rewards 5 0.5 50%
Total Weight 1.0
Random Rewards Quantity Weight Chance
1 0.1 10%
20 0.1 10%
1 0.2 20%
1000 0.1 10%
Uncommon Gun 1 0.1 10%
1 0.15 15%
Uncommon Melee 1 0.15 15%
Shield 1 0.1 10%
Total Weight 1.0
Erchius Mining FacilityCeremonial Hunting CavernsGrand Pagoda LibraryGreat Sovereign TempleMiniknog StrongholdBaron's Keep


  • You can build/destroy blocks near the tower. This makes it possible to cheese this level by placing Defense Turrets around the tower and/or removing the door and filling it with blocks, making it impossible for the enemy cultists to come near. Keep in mind however that the Ballista can still destroy the tower blocks.