Tesla's Staff

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Teslastaff icon.png
Tesla's Staff

Controls powerful lightning bolts by creating ionized trails through the air.

Tesla's Staff is a Tier 6 unique Legendary staff. It is an electric-type weapon, and all of its attacks deal electric damage.

The primary attack, Guided Bolt, is charged up like other staff attacks. Once charged, the staff will begin to place guide nodes under your cursor as it moves around. Up to 7 guide nodes can be placed, and placing each node drains 20 energy. When the ability is released after at least one guide node is placed, lightning will arc from the staff to each of the guide nodes in order of placement, dealing 70 base damage and inflicting Electrified to monsters through which it passes.

The secondary attack, Ball Lightning, creates three balls of electricity at your mouse cursor which move and rotate to your cursor's position periodically. The alt ability costs 80 energy to use, and the lightning balls cannot move more than 25 tiles away from the player. Each ball of lightning has a tier-adjusted base power of 35 and inflicts Electrified to its targets.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem teslastaff
File Name teslastaff.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\staff\teslastaff