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Status Electrified.png
Effects Deals area-of-effect ticking damage for 5 seconds

Electrified is a debuff status effect which periodically fires electrical bolts at monsters/players within 8 tiles of the electrified target, dealing 5% of the target's maximum health as electrical damage, up to a maximum 20 damage. Electric bolts caused via the Electrified status can only target entities once per second, and cannot deal less than 2 points of damage.

Unlike the Burning and Poisoned debuffs, Electrified does not deal periodic damage to its target, only to nearby allies; if a player gives Electrified to an enemy, that enemy will not damage other players, their crew members, or any monsters that the player has summoned using a Capture Pod. Alternatively, should a player receive the effect, it will deal damage to other players. As a result, Electrified can become incredibly dangerous in Multiplayer situations where players are grouped together, especially when multiple people within the group receive the effect. On the other hand, this effect poses little to no consequence when playing in Singleplayer.

Uncommon electric weapons can inflict this status effect on secondary abilities, and rare electric weapons can inflict this status effect on both primary and secondary abilities. In addition, certain Unique Weapons can inflict Electrified on enemies.


Electrified debuff effect can be applied by:

  • Electric damage weapons (5 seconds)