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Status Doomed.png
Effects Causes explosive damage if the target is damaged while applied.

Doomed is a debuff status effect that is applied after being hit by either a primary or secondary shot from a Doomcannon. Once applied doomed lasts for 7 seconds and causes the victim to glow red.

Starting 0.1 seconds after being inflicted, if the victim takes 10 or more damage within 5 game ticks, a small explosion centered on the victim deals 130 defense-ignoring damage. Note that the 10 damage must be either from a single hit, or the cumulative effect of multiple smaller hits that were reported by the game within 5 ticks (1/12th of a second). For example, if the victim was hit by a Doom Grenade, and then hit by at least two of the seven pieces of Doom Shot fired in a subsequent shot (by a player wearing tier 5 or 6 armor), this would be sufficient to trigger the explosion.


Doomed is applied by the following:

Applied By

Item Duration
7 seconds