Deadly Radiation

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Deadly Radiation
Planet Hazard
Status Radioactive.png
Effects Health reduced to 15% of maximum and cannot increase above this amount. Player turns green.

Tier 4 Planets

Deadly Radiation is a planet hazard status effect found on all Tier 4 Planets. It reduces the player's health to 15% of maximum health and prevents health from rising above that threshold while the effect is still active. Though this status cannot kill you directly, it does weaken you significantly.

The player can protect themselves by equipping a Radiation EPP Upgrade. The heating and cooling EPPs will protect against Deadly Radiation as well.

When using a mech on a planet or in a space encounter that inflicts Deadly Radiation, S.A.I.L. will prompt you with a message: "WARNING! Your vehicle is not certified for this environment. Disregarding this warning may cause pilot death and/or invalidation of vehicle warranty." The mech will drain 20 more MJ of energy per second on natural tier 4 planets without the proper body.

Once protected players are completely immune to this debuff. If using a mech, Durasteel-tier bodies and better are completely immune to Deadly Radiation.

Deadly Radiation Status Effect is present in the following biomes: