Deadly Chill

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Deadly Chill
Planet Hazard
Status Cold.png
Effects -10 Energy/s (-20 HP/s if Energy=0), Prevents Energy Regeneration, 40% Run Speed and Jump Height Reduction, Player Turns Blue

Tier 5 Planets

Deadly Chill is a planet hazard status effect found on all Tier 5 Planets. It reduces run speed and jump height by 40% and turns the player blue. In addition, it prevents energy regeneration and drains 10 energy per second until energy is depleted, then 20 health per second until player death. This severe debuff greatly impedes planetary activities in several ways: by effectively blocking all energy-using actions, by forcing the player to use Bandages (or Nanowrap Bandages) to counteract the health drain, and by slowing the player.

When using a mech on a planet or in a space encounter that inflicts Deadly Chill, S.A.I.L. will prompt you with a message: "WARNING! Your vehicle is not certified for this environment. Disregarding this warning may cause pilot death and/or invalidation of vehicle warranty." The mech will drain 25 more MJ of energy per second on natural tier 5 planets without the proper body.

The player can protect themselves by equipping a Heating EPP Upgrade. The Cooling EPP Upgrade will protect against Deadly Chill as well. If using a mech, Violium-tier bodies and better are completely immune to Deadly Chill.

Once protected players are completely immune to this debuff.

Deadly Chill Status Effect is present in the following biomes: