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Planet Hazard
Status Spooked.png
Effects Draws Erchius Ghosts toward the player

Spooked is a planet hazard status effect found exclusively on moons. The player receives this effect immediately upon beaming to a moon, and it ceases only when the player leaves the moon.

While Spooked is in effect, the player's inventory is checked continuously for crystal erchius and liquid erchius. If any is found, an Erchius Ghost is spawned targeting the player. The ghost cannot be killed, can pass through solid blocks, will drain the player's health as it gets close, and will cause massive damage to the player upon contact. Once a ghost targets a player, even if the player dumps all erchius from their inventory, the ghost will continue to target them until the player leaves the moon or dies.

As a planetary hazard status effect that is exclusive to moons, Spooked will cease effect if a moon is terraformed into another biome.