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This guy seems to have nothing to say to himself.

The Player is the avatar that represents the user playing Starbound as they explore the galaxy, fight monsters and mine to create many unique items and tools.

Character Statistics

The Player is two blocks wide and four blocks tall normally (the Distortion Sphere and related Techs shrink the player to a size of two blocks wide by two blocks tall). In addition, the player has a base health of 100, a base energy of 100, and an energy regeneration rate of 58.5% per second (going from empty bar to full bar takes 1.75 seconds regardless of energy pool size). Performing an action that consumes energy pauses energy regen for 1.5 seconds.

Survival and Hardcore players have a food bar size of 70 and a food bar depletion rate of -0.0583 per second (it takes 20 minutes for a full food bar to deplete completely and cause starvation effects). Over-filling the food bar (or eating any food as a Casual player) incurs the Well Fed status effect, stopping food bar depletion and bestowing other effects.

If the player becomes submerged in a liquid, enters an airless area or is buried underneath blocks while not wearing an Environment Protection Pack (EPP), the player's breath gauge, with a maximum size of 100 units, begins depleting at a rate of 4 units per second, allowing the player to be without air for up to 25 seconds without any side effects. If the breath gauge hits 0 and the player has no access to air, the player will begin to lose 5% of their health per second until they gain access to air. While in breathable air, the breath gauge regenerates at 10 units per second (a fully depleted breath gauge refills in 10 seconds).

The player has 5 item bags which can hold 40 items and item stacks each. The leftmost tab is the main bag, followed by the material bag, the object bag, the reagent bag, and the food bag. In addition, the player can carry up to 9,999,999 Pixels or Ancient Essence at a time, and the player has functional and cosmetic equipment slots for the head, chest, legs and back (these can only hold appropriate Armor pieces, Costume pieces and functional backpacks).

Character Creation


After launching Starbound, your first task will be to create a character. In the character creation menu you will be able to select among seven different races: Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Human, Hylotl, and Novakid, Each race has their own unique aesthetics and racial features which can be unlocked over the course of the game. You will also be able to select their sex, their appearance, what game mode you would like them to play in, and give them a name.

There are three different game modes for you to play in. Casual is the easiest mode, where you only lose 10% of carried Pixels if you die. Survival is an average mode where you lose 30% of carried pixels as well as liquids, building materials, voxels from the Pixel Compressor, food, crafting materials, dyes, medical items and other consumables on death (lost items can be retrieved if they are not in an unreachable place). In addition, Survival mode introduces a hunger mechanic which can kill the player if they do not eat food for too long. Hardcore is the hardest mode, where if you die you will drop all items and pixels (both the items and the pixels can be retrieved by another player if they are not in an unreachable place). A Hardcore player cannot respawn, forcing the user to switch to another player if the Hardcore player dies.


List of all Hotkeys Here

Move A / W / D
Duck S
Jump Space
Walk RShift / LShift
Interact E / Middle Mouse button
Inventory I
Drop Item Q
Crafting C
Quest J
Inspect Mode N
Empty Hands Z
Highlight Interactable Objects Alt
Camera Look RCtrl / LCtrl
Matter Manipulator R
Place in Foreground Left Mouse Button
Place in Background Right Mouse Button
Single Block Mode Shift

Death and Respawning

If your character dies, depending on the mode selected during character creation, your character may either lose 10% Pixels, 30% pixels and some Items, or all items and pixels and the ability to respawn. If the character isn't in hardcore mode, the character will go through a re-spawning animation before re-appearing on the ship.


  • In Starbound terminology, "the player" is synonymous with "the player character", which refers to the user's virtual avatar in the game. It is different from the user, the actual person playing the game, but the terms are often confused as they're otherwise similar.
  • In Hardcore mode, when your character dies, the game keeps going but you are left frozen looking at the loot that you dropped. To get out of this, you must manually save and exit the game. Once you do, this character will not be playable anymore and a new one must be created.
  • Strangely, the description to the player in the game files always refer to the player as male even if the player is female.