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Race differentiates the different species in Starbound. There are seven playable races in the game, each with their own distinct background lore. In addition, there are 8 major non-playable races that can also be encountered during gameplay.

Each race has unique aesthetics, such as ship design, way of speech, and NPC building architecture. The Player has the ability to unlock race-specific features through gameplay such as clothing, ship furniture, and mech bodies. Races also have separate armor tiers. The differences are purely aesthetic, with no stat differences from one race's armor to another's.

Additionally, each playable race has it's own distinct scan dialogue for virtually every object in the game, with the Floran, Glitch, and Novakid also having their own distinct descriptions for the game's blocks due to their unique ways of speaking.

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Other Races

Not all of the races in Starbound are as well known or distinct as those listed above. Some are unnamed, extinct, or only implied to have existed.

For starters, Bernard and his son or the only known members of an unnamed race of roughly humanoid, space-faring bears, although it is entirely possible that they are the only instances of their kind. The Maggot Man tenant is part of a larger race of grub-like beings as proven through the Maggot Man Outpost visitor and one shown to be imprisoned by the Peacekeepers. There are also the Gnomes, a lilliputian race of humanoids who inhabit underground villages as well as the Astrofae Haven Space Encounter, indicating that they are capable of spaceflight.

Some of Starbound's races seem to be extinct, only being found as fossils. The "Avioscale" was a species with bird-like upper body and snake-like tail. Although it's listed alongside other intelligent races, it is possible that the Avioscale was simply a monster. Another fossilized race is the "Unidentified" humanoid fossil, which has a tall build, a triangular cycloptic skull, and holds a mysterious black orb. The Mysterious Alien Skull potentially belonged to an intelligent race, though it likely only exists as a reference to the typical "Grey alien" sci-fi trope.

There were many other robotic races built alongside the Glitch by presumably the same creators, though it seems all of them have become extinct by the events of the game. It's possible that the vendor at the Peacekeeper Neon Store is one of the few surviving members of these races, if they aren't simply a contemporary custom-built robot.

Due to the fact that Starbound and Wargroove take place in the same universe, Wargroove's races are also canon. The most significant of which are the Faahri, who are a mouse-like race. Others include Merfolk/Deepfolk, Harpies, and Lesser Vampires. Also worth mentioning are the High Vampires, though they are created from Humans and are technically not their own species.

Removed Races

In the early beta versions of Starbound, there existed a "Rainbow Race" (named internally as 'colourfulvillager') found only in Colourful Biomes. They had rabbit-like heads and could be found in a variety of colors. Their dialogue implied that they were originally Apex, but were transformed by Miniknog experimentation.