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Deadbeat Icon.png
non-playable race

Cultural Style Post-Apocalyptic
Appearance Blue Skinned

Deadbeats are a semi-hostile non-playable race found in Scorched Biomes. What they were before (and what caused) the collapse of their society is unknown, but now they are reduced to small gangs of scavengers and raiders eking out an existence in the burned-out husks of once-huge cities.


Decayed Biome

Found on Tier 6 "Inconceivable" threat-level planets, the Scorched Biome is full of ruined buildings and underground bunkers, the remains of an advanced society. Deadbeats wander the microdungeons there, split into two types.

Most are hostile, indicated by face-concealing masks or steel helmets and grey or beige skin... and that they attack the player on-sight.

The blue-skinned Deadbeats with less armor are non-hostile, and will run away from combat.


The player can summon a blue-skinned Deadbeat as a Tenant when a Colony Deed is placed into a room with walls, a door and a light, along with the appropriate amount of themed furniture. Deadbeat Merchants sell a number of unique items that cannot be obtained through normal means, mainly things that go "kaboom" and destroy blocks.

Name Type (lvl) Biome Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Scorched Tenant.png
Deadbeat Merchant Merchant Scorched Scorched (18) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes

Cosmetic Armors

All of the Deadbeats' Cosmetic Armor options can be found in Decayed Chests throughout the Biome. Unfortunately, dressing up like one of the angry ones will not protect you from other said angry ones.


  • Deadbeats are one of the races that do not have a corresponding fossil.
  • The Deadbeats' status as a separate race is not exactly made explicit in-game. They have no lore attached to them and none of the NPCs say anything about relations to any other race. It is unlikely they are humans however, as the lore asserts that humanity had no large-scale colonies off Earth, and the Deadbeats' stomping grounds are the ruins of skyscraper-packed mega-cities.
  • The Deadbeat's post-apocalyptic cities and retro modern furniture are likely a reference to the Fallout franchise.
  • Internally to the game code, Deadbeats are just Humans wearing suits, not an actual species. This is why they use the Human sound effects (and dialogue, likely an oversight on that account). This is similar to Agarans, Alpaca, and Froggs, but unlike Fenerox, Penguins, and Shadows.
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