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Deadbeat Icon.png
non-playable race
Db1 1.pngDb2.png

Cultural Style Post-Apocalyptic
Appearance Blue Skinned

Deadbeats are a non-playable race found in Decayed Biomes.


Decayed Biome

The burnt, decayed, desolate biome only found on Tier 6 Inconceivable Threat planets.


Deadbeats are one of the races which can spawn as a Tenant when a Colony Deed is placed into a room with walls, a door and a light.

Name Type (lvl) Biome Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Scorched Tenant.png
Deadbeat Merchant Merchant Scorched Scorched (18) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes

Deadbeat Merchants sell explosives that could otherwise not be picked up without them exploding, as well as some other items that you can find on the same planet that these Deadbeats come from.


  • The concept of the Deadbeat might be somewhat related to the show "Deadbeat" in which a guy attempts to solve multiple ghosts' unresolved problems; the idea is that the Deadbeats have unresolved problems that are a mystery.
  • Deadbeats are one of the only races to not have a fossil in game besides the Agarans, Fenerox and Ancients.

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