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Frog Icon.png
non-playable race
Frog 2.png

Cultural Style Mercentile
Appearance Froglike

Froggs are a non-playable race found in Swamp Biomes.

Though they make croaking noises, they do not appear to have a language or even names. Their "speech" is rendered only in punctuation marks.



Froggs live in cobbled-together shacks supported by poles, keeping them out of the Swamp Water below. Froggs have no offensive abilities and will simply run away when attacked. Though they can be annoyed by the player taking their furniture, they cannot do anything about it.

Frogg Merchants wear bright red fezzes. They sell an eclectic array of decor items, notably the Yellow Fairy Lights used to illuminate their homes. They never have Armor and outside of the occasional Molotov or dagger, no weapons.

Players must exercise caution when fighting in Swamp biomes, as Froggs are not safe from player attacks as most non-hostile NPCs are.


A Frogg runs the Frögg Furnishing shop at the Outpost, which opens once the player has completed The Erchius Mining Facility quest. This shop is the source of Colony Deeds and many sets of furniture not available anywhere else.


A Frogg Merchant Tenant can be summoned by placing a Colony Deed in a suitable room with enough tiles of Swamp-tagged decor. They sell the same general range of decor items as the Merchants found in the Swamps.

Name Type (lvl) Race Biome Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Swamp Tenant.png
Frogg Merchant Merchant Frogg Swamp Swamp (18) Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Frogg Skeleton.png

The player can find fossilized remains of Froggs underground on most planets by successfully completing a fossil mini-game. The prizes for completion are randomized, so it may take a lot of tries to obtain even a single piece.

Once a complete set of skull, torso and legs has been collected, they can be placed in a Medium Fossil Display, forming a complete Frogg skeleton to be put on display as a decor item. This also completes entry #19 in the Fossil Collections Library. Once the skeleton and display have been combined, they cannot be disassembled.


  • During the "Giraffe" Beta builds, Froggs used the same naming conventions as Hylotl, with (adjective) (name) combinations. When the Hylotl changed naming structures, so did the Froggs, with all Froggs now "named" as "???".
  • Internally to the game code, Froggs are just Hylotl wearing suits, not an actual species. This is similar to Agarans, Alpaca, and Deadbeats, but unlike Fenerox, Penguins, and Shadows.
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