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Agaran Icon.png
non-playable race
Mushroom 1.pngMushroom 2.png

Cultural Style Agrarian
Appearance Mushroomlike

The Agaran are a friendly non-playable race found primarily in the Mushroom Patch biome. They speak a bizarre language that does not properly translate (similar to the Anguish Languish), but their general meaning can be muddled out with patience and study.

Like all non-player-race NPCs, Agarans do not give quests.


Mushroom Patch

Agaran Villages are scattered buildings throughout Mushroom Patch biomes. They are simple wooden affairs that look like normal human-built buildings, but with Mushroom Block roofs. Storage devices in these homes may contain Core Fragments, making them a valuable stop for characters in early-game.

Agaran Merchants (signified by them shouting "Clink!") sell a variety of mushroom-related items at tier 1:

When in locations above tier 1 however, they sell the following food items instead:

All non-Merchant Agaran will fight when threatened. They do not have guns, and only attack with broadswords.


An Agaran Merchant can be summoned as a Tenant by placing a Colony Deed in a suitable room with enough "boxes" of "Mushroompatch"-tagged decor. Like the Merchants found in the Mushroom Patch, this Agaran sells shroom-based foodstuffs.

Name Type (lvl) Race Biome Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Mushroom Tenant.png
Agaran Merchant Merchant Agaran Mushroom Patch or Mushrooms Mushroompatch (18) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes

Beta development & differences

Dear Baron.png
Beta-Release Canon

The following material was introduced in the Beta and has since been removed or altered. As such, it is no longer considered to be a part of Starbound canon.

The Agarans in the "Koala" version Beta build were not outwardly hostile to the player (like all NPCs at the time, they could be attacked which would thus make them hostile). However, they were presented in a considerably more sinister light, both in-game and in developer posts online, making them out to be a threat to all races with shadowy ties to the Floran and Greenfinger (when that word referred to a singular character in the lore rather than a title).

This plot thread would end up dropped by the "Giraffe" builds, and the Agaran became a harmless but mysterious race with a bizarre language.


Friendly Agaran villages could be found in Mushroom biomes as they are now, though their designs were far simpler. The merchants there inexplicably sold weapons like high-powered rifles. There were also passive mushroom-based creatures wandering about, though how these creatures related to the Agaran, if they did at all, is unknown. Storage devices could contain furniture blueprints, as well as procedurally-generated Mushroom Swords (now removed from the game completely) and Mushroom Shields.

Agaran-related microdungeons scattered throughout the universe, however, painted a much darker picture of the race. These microdungeons were frequently decorated with Giant Agaran Mushrooms and several varieties of Fungal Pod, including the disturbing Trapped Apex Pod. These included:

  • Small houses with a Floran imprisoned in a basement with lava under the floor.
  • Huge cauldron-like constructions full of lava with an air-filled chamber inside, and a single Floran in said chamber. The bottom of the air chamber was made of platforms, meaning that the Floran could easily fall through to their death.
  • Ruined Apex mini-hospitals with overgrowth and Disobey Signs.

Agarans had a chance of dropping their heads (technically, headwear items) when killed, which could then be worn by the player:

The Lore book "The Agaran Menace" was also in the game files in Koala, overtly stating the Agaran were a threat to all races. It is unknown if this book was ever obtainable without use of admin commands, however.

Developer posts

The Starbound Chronicle, the monthly online "newspaper" for Starbound developments, ran the addition of the Agaran as a feature story in the February 2014 edition. In it, the Agaran being a deadly threat was put in no uncertain terms, telling the story of a team of doomed Hylotl missionaries and their last stand against a brutal Agaran horde.

The March edition followed up with a transcript of Chronicle reporter Charlton McVicar's last known transmission. It offered scant but unpleasant details on Agarans using pods on (or with?) Florans for unknown purposes, and Charlton's call for massive military force to be used against the Agaran before his transmission cut off.

In April, Mollygos posted a the two-page comic McVicar Makes a Friend to the Starbound messageboards, written by Ashton Raze with art by Aviv Or. The comic follows the events of March's newsletter, featuring Charlton's rescue from the Agaran by Hylotl adventurer Hiraki Corale.


The following are examples of Agaran dialogue. Their response differs depending on the race the player's character is.
  • Hoom. Plesta mesti hairthing.
  • Humfah. Hairthing chop nab feara.
  • Hoom! Nab chop Giant Hairthing. Weepa?
  • Halhoom, hairthing. Nab smashroom, plesta.
  • Hoom. Hairthing hairface carpa woodshroom.
  • Plesti cantara, shroomy workest!
  • Hoom. Mesti nab chop hairthing. Halhoom!
  • Hoom! Hop chop, hairthing! Halb squishfish?
  • Hoom flap! Bizarra no Kluex fry!
  • Halhoom sillypeck. Choka smashroom nab house.
  • Halhalhoom, weepa cantara swoop nab cloudchaser.
  • Hoomay, flap! Halberdeen habble fluffy peck. Shree!
  • Haba hoom, sillyflap! Hehehe! swoop bizarra!
  • Hoom! Hoom hoom! Chop smashroom nab peace kisser!
  • Hoom habba flap flap, deka nab peck?
  • Hoom? Scratchy mesti cuddle?
  • Hoom! Hoom hoom shroom! Plant naturra kissface!
  • Halhoom! Nab feara deka plant!
  • Hoom. Halb weepa nab smashroom.
  • Kissface plant! Nab halb squishfish! Hahahahahaha!
  • Halhalhalhoom, carpa house fry plant! Seemingly.
  • Habahoom squishfish, nab oaken smashroom cantaloupe!
  • Plant hoom! Kissface chop growa, halb!?
  • Hoom. Hoom plant. Nabi spike cutshroom, plesta?
  • Hoom, clankbeast. Habba nab cartography spaceshroom.
  • Halhoom, okay. Nab chop weepa, deka hairthing? Flap?
  • Halhalhoom. Smashroom nab plant?
  • Hurm. Hoom. Clankbeast house fry, shroomy halb.
  • Clankbeast! Chop carpa, cantara.
  • Hoom clankbeast. Halb plesti cantara, nab?
  • Hoom. Shroomy nab clankbeast feara. Mesti bravada!
  • Hoom. Clankbeast halb mesti, deka plant?
  • Hoom! Meat habble person nab fry!
  • Hoom meat. Seemo bizarra stamper!
  • Halhoom smooth! Chop deka halberdeen cartography!
  • Hoomah! Mesti hop smashroom danger!
  • Hoom! Halhoom!
  • Halmarr, spike circular deka bizarra!
  • Meat hoom! Enjoy house choka smashroom?
  • Halhalhoom! Tentacrush weepa no meat.
  • Huh huh hoom? Squishfish...
  • Nab! Nab!
  • Nab halb smashroom, squishfish! Cantara nab house, chop!
  • Kissface plant nab cutshroom, squishfish. Threaten!
  • Squeak. Hoom nab.
  • Hoom. Mesti nab disbravada, squishfish.
  • Nabnabnabnabnabnab.
  • Nab house, squishfish! Nab nab nab.


  • Agarans are one of the races that do not have a corresponding fossil.
  • Agarans are likely named after Agaricus, a genus of gilled mushrooms.
  • Internally to the game code, Agarans are just Florans wearing suits, not an actual species. This is why they use the Floran sound effects and can rarely provide progress points alongside Floran dialogue when spoken to while the Find Clues to Locate the Floran Artifact quest is active. This is similar to Alpaca, Deadbeats, and Froggs, but unlike Fenerox, Penguins, and Shadows.
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