Ashton Raze

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Ashton Raze
South West England

Ashton Raze is a writer for Chucklefish, specifically the lead writer of Starbound, responsible for developing lore and the game story.

Razey, alongside Mollygos, has also published games under the studio name Owl Cave. They've released games such as Richard & Alice and Sepulchre. She's published a novel titled Bright Lights & Glass Houses, other articles and is a regular contributor to The Telegraph’s video games section.

Starbound Team Bio

Hello. I write the words in Starbound. I develop the plot, craft the lore, spin the tales, and come up with numerous descriptions of dirt blocks. When I’m not working on Starbound I write books and short stories and other games. You can find me on Twitter at @ashtonraze. I am a fan of the Florans.[1]