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Lead Developer
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Kyren portrait.png Tom.png Meta portrait.png Healthire portrait.png
Kyren Tom Metadept Healthire
George portrait.png Adam portrait.png Jay portrait.png Neco portrait.png
GeorgeV Supernorn SamuriFerret Neco
Lili portrait.png Abi portrait.png
Lili Abi
Design Community/Marketing
Armagon portrait.png Harriet.png Molly portrait.png
Armagon Hari Mollygos
Producer Buisiness Manager
Rosie portrait.png Donna portrait.png
Rosie Donna

Chucklefish is the game studio that developed Starbound. It is the first game the studio has developed.

As a studio they've published a number games which have been developed outside the Starbound development team. Their involvement ranges from marketing and promotion, to business support. For some titles, like Stardew Valley, the studio is directly involved in development of multiplayer code as well as managing platform porting and localization.

Chucklefish Games Published (or being published)

Chucklefish Games Developed

Starbound Contributors and Former Team Members

  • thefluvirus
  • ArchVince
  • Tramsan
  • Pewtershmitz


Reddit AMA - April 2013

Original Chucklefish logo design
Chucklefish Team Members
AbiArmagonDonnaGeorgeVHariHealthireKyrenLili IbrahimMetadeptMollygos