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Armagon is a sound engineer with Chucklefish, currently working on Starbound.

Armagon previously worked on the open-source game Hedgewars along with Tiy, providing voice work and videos.

Starbound Team Bio

I’m the resident noisemaker and a game aficionado! Raised on a healthy diet of PC RPGs and shooters, it is a privilege to be working on a team making a game that features the most enticing elements of both these genres! In the end, I’m the one most likely to be screaming himself hoarse to give you guys the best audio experience, so fingers crossed you like it![1]

Public Interviews

BarmyBritishGaming - Youtube - August 2013

April Fools Joke

On April fools day 2013, Armagon replaced all the weapon sounds he'd added to Starbound to that point with noises he made with his mouth. The next day he published a video of the prank.

Youtube description: The sounds you hear in this video are in fact part of an April Fool's day gag I played on the Chucklefish developers, wherein I replaced every existing gun sound effect I'd implemented so far with slap-dash recordings of me making the gun and explosion sounds with my mouth. Rest assured the actual guns will not sound like this, I just thought it'd be neat to share this bit of fun with the community. :)


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