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Tiy is the founder of Chucklefish and the lead developer of Starbound. He previously worked at Re-Logic as Terraria's main sprite artist until about January, 2012.

Tiy was also involved with Hedgewars, an open-source freeware game, where Armagon was also a contributor.

The name Tiyuri comes from the Counting Crows song Another Horsedreamer's Blues.[1]

Bio originally on Starbound's Team page

Hello guys! Starbound is a project I started with the goal in mind of producing my dream game. I grew up with a C64 and really got into gaming with my Genesis and SNES. Though games have continued to advance in a multitude of ways since the 16bit era, I feel the charm present in some of the old classics is still unmatched. Starbound is my attempt to capture that charm and combine it with the depth of a modern title. I hope to put a smile on your face once you get your hands on the game. I’m truly thankful to all of those that have supported me.[2]

Early Public Interviews

Pikigeek - February 2012
Curse - February 2012
IndieGameMag - March 2012
PCPowerPlay - August 2012
Reddit AMA - August 2012
TheGamersCave - Youtube - October 2012


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