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The Starbound Chronicle was a monthly newsletter released on the Starbound Official site. It was produced at the beginning of each month by Mollygos, and included news updates, screenshots, fan submissions/letters, & community spotlights.

Contributors to the Chronicle are awarded a forum badge on the official forums. Starbound Chronicle Badge



April14 newsletter.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • Musings on the origin of Bigcoin - History of the Apex currency Bigcoin.
  • McVicar Makes a Friend - Comic continuing the story of Chronicle reporter Charlton McVicar, and introducing Hiraki Corale.
  • Wallpaper of the Month - Bandit fighting a Glitch Knight!

March - Chronicle Investigator Goes M.I.A.

March14 newsletter.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • Where in the Universe is Charlton McVicar? - Some details about missing Chronicle reporter Charlton McVicar, and his last ominous transmission about the Agarans.
  • Achievements in Science
    • Chocobo Mounts - Adds mountable Chocobos of many colors as well as some other Final Fantasy items and objects.
    • Avali Race - Player made race mod with a large amount of custom lore, culture and custom items and objects.
    • Kids - Adds the option to have children NPCs accompany the player
  • Wallpaper of the Month - Agaran Invasion

February - The Agaran Menace Strikes Hylotl Camp

February14 newsletter.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • The Agaran Menace! - Story about a group of Hylotl adventurers and their encounter with Agarans. Link to forum thread for players to document their encounters with Agarans.
  • Universe Destroyed, Returns with Improvements - There was a game wipe of characters, ships and worlds. This is the last intended wipe for ships/characters, but there may be future wipes for worlds.
  • Inventors Spotlight
    • Okea Kiosk - Adds hundreds of new pieces of furniture, over 230 unique objects!
    • Bees! - Allows players to keep bees, harvest honey and fight giant bees!
    • XS Corporation Mechs - Enhanced Mechs with new abilities and new appearances.
  • Ask the Editors

January - Happy New Year!

January newsletter.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • Year in review and happy new year!
  • Modding Spotlight - Mods review
    • Fully Customizable Ship - Lets players build a custom ship design using blocks. Alternatively Per Aspera Ad Astera offers an alternative system for custom ships.
    • Tabula Rasa - Offers a unified crafting bench for modded content, making it easy for modders to add things and centralizing access.
    • Creative Mode - Offers access to almost all game items and objects, allowing easier building without having to gather materials. Also offers some custom 'god mode' items.
    • Industrialization - Allows crafting of complex machines and expanded craftables.
  • Community Spotlight


December - Beta Available!

December newsletter.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • Beta official release date - 4th December!
  • Bonus - human mech in action!

November - Adding Status Effects!

November newsletter.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • Adding Status effects! - An explanation of how status effects can be tied to consumables, and how the code for them can be modified.
  • Big Ape and the Beanstalk - An Apex lore fable by Ashton Raze.
  • Bonus - Dancebound Arcade!

October - September Wrap-Up!

October newsletter.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • September Wrap-Up! - Development discussion for the past month. Work was done on Biomes and mini-biomes, dungeons, villages, monsters and villager AI. The grappling hook tool was polished up, and tier progression was implemented.
  • Beta, Release and 2013 - Quick explanation addressing the recent forum discussions of beta vs full release date. Originally the pre-order stated full release would be by year end 2013, due to unforeseen development hurdles the full release must be pushed back, but the beta is still slated for 2013!
  • Community Spotlight - Fan art by daemonstar and WakeskaterX. WakeskaterX made some detailed pixel art of Navakids, Florans and Hylotl, and daemonstar did some digital paintings of characters made through the character creator.
  • Bonus - Random Monster!

September - Insomnia Gaming Festival

Chronicle September.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • Insomnia Gaming Festival - Overview of Insomnia Game Festival. There were some streams from the weekend and the team got to meet a lot of fans as well as provide a demo for public playtesting.
  • What's up in September - Status update on development, right now they've got all the puzzle pieces and are putting the puzzle together. Also, shared an image of the first tier boss, Penguin UFO
  • Fan Art - 'An Anti-Grav Geographic Original' fan comic about mini-pets by Pflute
  • Bonus! - Purple bat thing

August - A Month's Worth of Development

Chronicle August.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • A Month's Worth of Development - Update on the July's development progress. Quests, instruments, bosses, mini-biomes were all added. Player progression was setup, as well as combat tweaking and soundtrack implementation.
  • Chucklefish @ Insomnia Festival - The Chucklefish team is going to be sharing Starbound at the Insomnia Mincraft Expo UK from Aug 23-26.
  • Starbound ABC Music Guide - User Lateo made a thread with great instructions for converting files to ABC Notation, the format used by the game's instrument music system.

July - Lots of Lore

Chronicle July.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • Race specific Object descriptions - Tiy's been working on making a unique description for each different race when they examine an object. It will make grouping with players of other races more interesting and fun!
  • Ask us Anything - The dev team has opened an 'AMA' thread on the forums that they'll unlock and respond to questions from the community, then lock again when they're not available.
  • Fan Art - Floran Huntress by WackyWocky and spotlight on -s3ro-'s fan art thread
  • Cross-Pollination - A comic featuring Floran 'dancing' by MuseTrigger
  • Bonus! - eyeball fishy.

June - Intro Cinematics

Chronicle June.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • Intro Cinematic - Each race will have a different intro cinematic that gives a background story as to why they've been forced to leave. They'll be comic style and have voice-overs.
  • Space Cakes! - Preview of cooking. Each race will start with unique recipes, players call learn other races recipes later. Overview of cooking categories and announcement that all food is placeable as decoration.
  • Fan Art - Gangster style Starbound races wallpaper by Bietol, and a digital painting of a Floran by Shardival.
  • Short-Term Memory Loss - A comic featuring Novakids by PFlute and Mhindman.
  • Bonus! - Rho's Floran respawn animation.

May - Crashing E3 Edition

May newsletter.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • Starter Ships - The final version of the first six races starter ships are announced, with screenshots!
  • Indies Crash E3 - Promotion of Starbounds nomination for 'Indies Crash E3', a contest that would send the top nominated game's development team to E3.
  • Reader Letters
  • New Music - Links to some new Starbound soundtrack songs.
  • Thank You! - Thanks from Chucklefish for passing the $1,000,000 preorder mark.

April - Roadmap to Beta Edition

April newsletter.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • Pre-Orders Announced - The store page officially launched with this newsletter.
  • Roadmap - The development roadmap is showcased
  • Community Spotlight - Showcasing the fan newsletter 'Vector Squared', and the Weekly Monster Fan Art forum thread.
  • The Lusty Avian Maid - An excerpt from an Avian themed play, written by demanrisu.

March - First Edition! So shiny + new!

March newsletter.png
Read the full newsletter here
  • Armor Modifications - Details about the armor modification system, with an example of Avian glide armor.
  • History, Lore, and Music - Details of the player log, which will record lore in game. Publication of an internal Avian Lore pdf the team uses and a link to the game soundtrack.
  • Reader Letters
  • Comic - Comic about the newsletter by Endling.