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The Roadmap is an interactive tool released by
Chucklefish to communicate the state of completion for the main elements of Starbound. It breaks the game up into main systems, and then has subcomponents that each have a complete % listed.

The main systems are listed below, as well as their subsystems.

World Generation

  • Biome/Terrain Selection
  • Terrain/Cave generation
  • Liquid Placement
  • Large Dungeon Placement
  • Mini Terrain/Dungeon Placement
  • Plants/Object/Chest Placement
  • Plant Growing
  • Parallax & Colour Processing
  • Weather/Time/Temperature

Creature Generation

  • Quadrupeds
  • Bipeds
  • Fish
  • Flying
  • Humanoids
  • Pregenerated NPCs
  • Behaviour Scripts
  • Enemy Projectiles

Core Mechanics

  • Physics/Collisions
  • Network Protocol
  • Entity Querying & Management
  • Low level world/entity storage

Quests and Missions

  • Interact with NPCs
  • Quest management UI

Universe Generation

  • Universe/Sector generation
  • Biome Content
  • Mini Biomes
  • World-level parameter gen
  • Star/Planet orbital rendering
  • World bookmarking, storage


Player Mechanics

Server Stuff

  • Party Mechanics
  • Unique Player IDs/Storage
  • Security/Anti Cheat
  • Admin Tools

Dungeons and Villages

  • Dungeon/Village generation
  • Dungeon protection

User Interface