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Starter Ships
In Starbound, traveling from planet to planet is done via interstellar ships. These ships are different for each starting Race; there are a total of seven ships, one for each race.

Interacting with the captain's chair will bring up the Navigation Console, which allows the player to set a ship's destination.

After repairing the ship, Fuel is required to activate the FTL jump drives in order to fly outside the local solar system. After a destination has been reached, the ship will remain in orbit until directed to a different location via the Navigation Console or directly via the Coordinates system.

Ships can be used as a home base, containing storage and crafting apparatuses that follows the player from planet to planet. Developing a customized ship layout that works for the player is part of the game; the back walls, the door, the lights and such can all be safely destroyed and replaced if the player chooses to do so.

After repairing the ship FTL drive players will open a variety of missions that will allow them to upgrade the size of their ship. These quests are given at the outpost.

See the Ship Upgrades page for a detailed breakdown of what the upgrades look like, how much they cost, and what they unlock.

Ship Components


Apex Ship Locker.gif

The shiplocker is a storage container where players can store items on their ship. By default the shiplocker has 64 inventory slots.

New players will find these items within the Ship Locker:

Starter Treasure Quantity

Fuel Hatch

Fuel Hatch.gif
The fuel hatch is how players can refuel their ships. It will break down Crystal Erchius Fuel and Liquid Erchius Fuel to fuel which refills the ships fuel gauge and allows it to travel. These resources can be gathered on moons. Traveling to planets within the same solar system has no fuel cost.


The teleporter is used to travel to and from a ship. Players will appear in the teleporter when returning to their ship or when teleporting to another player's ship. There is also the option to warp to different locations, if the player has saved teleporter bookmarks.

S.A.I.L. Station

SAIL (Station).gif
The SAIL Station is the main interface for the ship computer which provides missions and is also used to view and manage crew member details.


Racial Starter Ships

See Ship Upgrades for details on expanding to larger ship sizes.


Apex Starting Ship
The Apex starter ship is ultramodern, with a smooth, streamlined shape and elegant electric lights. It looks the most futuristic of the available ships at launch. Or the most like a space shuttle at least. When fully upgraded the Apex ship has 3,730 blocks, being the second smallest ship.


Avian Starter Ship
The Avian starter ship resembles the traditional theme of the race, even appearing to be powered by a large Avolite crystal. When fully upgraded the Avian ship has 3,762 blocks, making it second largest ship.


Floran Starter Ship
The Floran starter ship has design influences from other races' ships. The reason is rooted in Floran lore, which defines the race as scavengers, stealing technology from other races. When fully upgraded the Floran ship has 4,013 blocks, making it the largest ship.


Human Starting Ship
The Human starter ship looks very utilitarian, with a flat gray color and red accents, all indicating it as being potentially of Letheia Corporation design. When fully upgraded the Human ship has 3,752 blocks, making it the median ship in terms of size.


Hylotl Starting Ship
The Hylotl starter ship resembles a large fish. When fully upgraded the Hylotl ship has 3,450 blocks, making it the smallest ship.


The Glitch Starter Ship
The Glitch starter resembles a castle with turrets and a (non-functional) cannon. When fully upgraded the Glitch ship has 3,735 blocks, making it the third smallest ship.


The Novakid Starter Ship
The Novakid starter ship resembles an old steam locomotive, to fit with the race's wild west-themed culture. The ship contains a small deck on top, but it is inaccessible. It was added after the other six racial ships in update. When fully upgraded the Novakid ship has 3,760 blocks, making it the third largest ship.

Unimplemented Ships

Human Mothership

Human Mothership
This is a large-scale ship whose textures are currently in-game, but has not fully been implemented. The ship contains a bridge, factory, hangar, creature laboratory, docking room, engine room, bar, sickbay and a viewing deck. This was evidently what the player would have originally inhabited during the alpha period of Starbound's development, before it was eventually settled that they would use a ship.


The original Floran starter ship.
  • The original model for the Floran ship was an Apex ship covered in vines. While not identical to the Apex starter ship, it was very similar in shape and design, and when the pilot seat was examined, Floran characters would observe that it "smells like Apex butt".
The original Hylotl starter ship.
  • The original model for the Hylotl ship was completely different from the current one; while the current ship only vaguely resembles a fish, the original Hylotl ship was blatantly a large koi fish, complete with scales, fins, and an eye. The lighting inside the ship was provided by five Traditional Paper Lanterns, keeping in line with the stylistic theme of the race.
The back half of the Hylotl ship.
  • The back thruster of the original Hylotl ship can be found at the outpost near Penguin Pete's Vehicle Lot in a pile of ship parts along with a Hylotl lantern hanging from the main part of the shop.
The hanging Hylotl lantern.
  • According to the Starbound Chronicle, powering up the ship's FTL drive in the atmosphere causes a massive explosion on the planet, but the ship survives. The canonicity of this fact is dubious however given the Chronicle predating even the beta incarnation of the game's lore, and the possibility that the player's ship entered FTL while in Earth's atmosphere when the player is escaping its destruction.
The original pre-early access ship designs.
  • Before 1.3, when the player would start travelling to next planet/system, they would see (in the old cockpit UI) "Timestep - 2.0" This means the ships were flying 0.5 of light speed.
  • As of 1.3, it is now possible to see both Player and NPC ships as white ship icons on the Navigation Console, NPC ships being the only ones able to be interacted with however.
Early screenshot of the modern human ship.