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A mockup of the UI window

S.A.I.L., short for Ship-based Artificial Intelligence Lattice, is the sentient A.I. that controls the Player's ship's computer. S.A.I.L. It is presented in a humanoid form with no fine details. The console it is located on also allows the player to choose missions they have unlocked as well as tracking all of the crew members employed on the ship. For more information on the console, see the Ship Station article.

Occasionally, S.A.I.L. will comment on your progress throughout the game. This is usually during main story missions along with Esther.

The color of S.A.I.L. and the design of the ship computer depends on the characters race.

Original Design

During beta, each race had their own S.A.I.L. avatar (shown below) and the S.A.I.L. avatar now was originally exclusive to Human characters. The old AI can still be accessed in the form of a mod created by a user named Diriel (Grey).[1].

HumanAI.gif The old Human AI represents a plain humanoid figure. Its unique emote replaces its face with an hourglass.
ApexAI.gif The old Apex AI represents an Apex general, perhaps a Miniknog general. The unique emote depicts the Apex being angry.
GlitchAI.gif The old Glitch AI represents a wizard. Its unique emote depicts a bunny under its hat.
FloranAI.gif The old Floran AI is the Human's, but is coloured green and has spiral-shaped eyes. Its unique emote shows its face spinning, and its yelling animation shows its face turned upside-down. When denying something, its mouth becomes X-shaped and its eyes spin.
AvianAI.gif The old Avian AI is a bundle of crystals, though of a different design than the diamond-like shape used in various furniture and on the Avian ship. All of its animations show the crystals glowing in various patterns.
HylotlAI.gif The old Hylotl AI represents a Hylotl elder. Like the Apex AI, its unique emote shows anger. The blink frame shows its eyes wide open rather than closed.
NovakidAI.gif The old Novakid AI depicts a horse-headed figure. Its unique emote depicts it rolling its eyes in a dazed fashion, with an unicorn horn. When denying a request, it will stick its tongue out.


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