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Annoyed Koala was a small patch released on December 10th, 2013. It was deployed shortly after the games initial beta launch and primarily addressed balance issues identified after public release.

This patch wiped players characters, forcing them to start a fresh game.

It was announced and changes were detailed on the developer blog shortly before release.[1]


This is a HUGE balance patch, every item, creature, armor and weapon has been rebalanced. The leveling system has entirely been rewritten. However although the balance is unpolished in the new leveling system, the system is much better than the old one and we can now improve balance over time.

This patch implemented a Character Wipe.

Game Mechanics

  • Added early implementation of creature taming (more features coming soon)
  • Added a stance system to weaponry, not currently used but will allow us to add secondary attacks to weaponry very soon.
  • You can no longer attack through blocks


  • Added new mining items
  • Added new weapons
  • Added new throwable items
  • Added grappling hook
  • Guns more common in tier 3
  • Added pixel compressor for high cost banking (idea from Ncrpts)
  • Added new hats
  • Disabled using the beamaxe to light up caves underground.

NPC's and Enemies

  • Added new boss and new sector of the galaxy
  • Added Baby monsters
  • New monster palettes
  • Some monsters now graze on grass (can look ugly, needs finishing)
  • Small bipeds now socialise with eachother
  • All the monsters behave smarter and are less likely to get stuck

Music and Sound

  • Tons of new sounds

Galaxy and World Generation

  • Underground detached/rare biomes more common
  • Underground random encounters more common
  • Underground chests more common
  • Ore rebalance (probably way way too much ore at the moment, will be fixed later, enjoy it)


  • Fix the game on XP (hopefully) (NOTE : This requires removal of all manually added fixes on the users end, or clicking of the Verify Game Cache Files" button on steam, to properly obtain the fixes.)
  • Launcher now contains a way to start the game using the OpenGl version of the game.
  • Tons more fixes and smaller additions