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Indignant Koala was a small patch released on December 11th, 2013. It was deployed the day after Frustrated Koala, just a few days after the game's initial beta launch. This patch primarily addressed balance, and nerfed birds.

It was announced and changes were detailed on the developer blog shortly after release.[1]


NPCs and Enemies

There are a whole bunch of improvements to balance here, particularly in the early game. We aren’t wiping characters or worlds, but if you want to experience the proper balance you should make a new character/worlds to play it on!'

  • Nerf the hell out of birds, they no longer attack you at long range, lower damage, don’t follow you forever.
  • Monster projectiles across the board better balanced
  • AI improvements

Balance Tweaks

  • Shields better balanced
  • Early armors better balanced
  • Melee weapons better balanced
  • Ores better balanced
  • You are now invincible on your ship (this requires a new character)
  • You need to be hit a lot harder to get knocked back
  • Drills now destroy 3×3 blocks
  • Nerf fall damage

New Items

  • you can now craft lanterns (similar to sixxes’ lantern mod![2])
  • you can now craft a new back armor to help light caves
  • You can now turn 10 unrefined wood into coal in the furnace

Other Fixes

  • New “melting” status effect on lava makes lava super dangerous (watch out)
  • fixed the bubble gun crashing on mouse over
  • improve grass ( Suggestion by Dracyoshi)
  • some UI updates
  • Other misc changes!