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Upbeat Giraffe was a major content update released on January 28th, 2015. It was referred to as the "Winter Update" during development. It was worked on from April 2014, under the build name Rampaging Koala, until December 9th, 2014, when the nightly build name changed to Upbeat Giraffe. Upbeat was the first "giraffe" build name, a suffix which would continue for the rest of Starbound's beta.

It was announced and changes were detailed on the developer blog shortly before release.[1]


Unstable updates were released December 18th, January 26th and 29th 2015. Nightly updates Daily December 9th, 2014-January 27th 2015.

New Content


  • Change Windows file locking to allow multiple simultaneous client instances
  • Redesigns of most tiers of human armor
  • Changed bow descriptions to include damage details
  • Storage Container tooltips now include number of storage slots
  • Changed font used in game [4]
  • Parallax art updates
  • Lots of optimization changes
  • Changed rarity levels for a large number of cooked foods
  • Made outhouse intractable
  • "Huge" Monster type added to the assets
  • Changed Saplings appearance
  • Added crafting schematics for Medical Kit, Green Stim Pack, Yellow Stim Pack, and Pile of Eyes
  • Upgraded the item rarity of most crafting stations, also their names now display orange
  • Updated a number of early tier item/object/crafting station descriptions and recipes
  • Changed object 'hydrophobia' to be adjustable by liquid depth
  • Wire node graphics have been scaled down for a cleaner look.
  • A slew of sound changes and additions across the board.
  • Wandering merchants should be less insanely durable.
  • Short Capes, and Simple Capes can now be crafted at a Yarn Spinner.
  • Poison and burning debuffs from food items have had their durations drastically reduced.
  • Rarities have been adjusted on all the currently available prepared foods based on the potency of its effects. Anything rated rare or legendary is going to provide pretty powerful or especially long-lasting buffs. This should make it easier to get to the really good stuff on your cooking table.
  • Human prison dungeon appearing without it’s shield generator should now be fixed.[5]

Bug Fixes

  • Fix erroneous hotkeys listed in paint tool / wire tool descriptions
  • Restore Nanostove to portable pixel printer unlocks
  • Fix asset loading errors on several Windows versions including XP, pre-SP2 Vista, 10 preview
  • Fix a bug sending excessive inactive client disconnect requests
  • Fix a crash when trying to keybind unrecognized keys
  • Fix masking on headband for avian beaks
  • Fix a button position overlap in sign store GUI
  • Fix border detection on adjacent signs
  • Fix some bugs with cat AI
  • Fix exploit with Dreadwing not properly aggroing player at long range
  • Change default ‘hide interface’ binding to avoid overlapping with Steam screenshot key; now uses Alt + Z
  • Update a few more human armor designs
  • Alien biomes now properly apply radiation status
  • Fix scrollable list widgets starting at bottom
  • Fix reversed alphabetical sorting in songbook
  • Fix a crash due to inconsistent animation sorting in networked animator
  • Change a number of container sizes to better match their object sizes
  • Fix a 32 – 64 bit compatibility issue
  • Fix bug with servers not properly clearing temporary files
  • Fix a few other miscellaneous server and client crashes[6]
  • Change Erchius Horror phase 3 to not cross the beams
  • More sign fixes
  • More changes to container sizes
  • Fix cooked fish hand position
  • Fix more issues with keybinding international keyboard layouts
  • Fix bug where NPCs were killed by breaking beds
  • Updated more human armor graphics
  • 3D printer shouldn’t show prices for items that can’t be scanned
  • Fix monsters being hit while dying
  • Fix wired objects being wired to themselves
  • Fix a graphical glitch in aurora parallax
  • Fix bugs with spawn adjustment and don’t allow spawning in liquids
  • Fix a graphical bug where some monsters’ animation parts displayed the wrong image
  • Fix universe server world corruption due to double world loading
  • Adjust rarity of food items
  • Fix hue shifting some stone types which prevented cobblestone from stacking properly
  • Fix effects for player damage and energy depletion / regeneration[7]


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