Slime Set

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Slime Set
All Armor
Slime Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     %
Protection Stat.png     
Max Energy Stat.png     
Max Health Stat.png     
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Slime Set is a set unique to the Slime Caves underground mini biome.

It has a chance of appearing in Slime Chests.

Set Pieces

Slime Mask Icon.png
Slime Mask
Slime Mask.png
Cover your head in a giant blob of slime. What could go wrong?
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2500
Slime Shirt Icon.png
Slime Shirt
Slime Shirt.png
Who knew goop could be so comfortable?
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2500
Slime Trousers Icon.png
Slime Trousers
Slime Trousers.png
Wearing these feels like wading in a pool of jelly.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2500