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Enraged Koala was a large update which included four patches, eight 'test patches' and introduced 'unstable' builds. It was initially released on February 18, 2014 and updated in 'unstable' until late April 2014. Unlike previous updates, the version name did not change between releases.

This patch began a very heavy flow of content development for the game which would last throughout the following year.

It was initially announced and changes were detailed on the developer blog shortly after release.[1]


Updates below are listed in the order they were released.

Initial Release

This update will allow us to add new biomes and make changes to worlds without the possibility of the player losing their world. There will likely be one more world wipe sometime in the future when we finalize the universe layout. This won’t include a character/ship wipe, though, and you can still back up your worlds.

A ton of work has gone into our patching system. After this update, we’ll be able to push content updates as and when they’re completed, rather than waiting for big engine updates to be completed. Updates after this patch will come at a near daily rate.[2]

Additional goodies:

Update 1 (February 22, 2014)

Another small update to Enraged Koala, fixes the alpha sector not being unlocked and some other small-ish bugfixes.

Adds a new Heck biome, which for technical reasons will change the universe generation process, so if you have a world and you want to keep your world accessible, make sure to go visit it before grabbing the latest patch so it’s stored in the new celestial database. Similarly, to find the new heck biome you may have to travel to a world on the map you haven’t seen before.

Some other items and things were added, but not sure if they’re accessible yet.[3]

Update 2 (March 3rd, 2014)

The following changes were made in the unstable branch from February 26th to March 1st[4] and were pushed to the stable branch on March 3rd.[5]

  • Treasure Horde sub-biome development
  • New treasure room micro dungeon
  • New objects for treasure horde and treasure dungeon: golden pedestal, grail, treasure chest, gold filled barrel, safe, gold vase (breakable pot, styles: Odd Gold Jug, Gold Jug, Gold Slim Vase, Gold Slim Vase, Gold Classic Jug), diamond display, wooden gold filled crate, Venus de Pixel, GeorgeV Dev Statue
  • New ‘Heavy Iron Bars’ block
  • Make meteor showers less likely
  • New exception system that makes Windows binary much MUCH smaller
  • New Golden Spotlight object
  • New ruins platform tiles
  • New, better, faster, stronger, more entertaining item descriptions
  • No more version strings required on mods, it was causing more problems than it was solving
  • New pak update system that makes steam updates of pak changes much much much smaller
  • Small exception fixes, no longer rename worlds when exception is not io related, better messages in some cases
  • New random swords
  • Coordinate corruption recovery for certain world files
  • Updated to Skyrails 2.0
  • Logfile rotation for starbound.log and starbound_server.log
  • Support for animated elements in cinematics
  • Spinner on loading screen
  • Hailstone weather (Added hail stone weather to arctic, forest, snow and tundra biomes)
  • Deadlock fix on shutdown
  • New random blood / bone based gun and projectile
    • Added blood vomit muzzle flash
    • New projectiles: hail stone, bone thorn
  • New items in Heck, including the helmet pictured above
  • Internal assets and pak based mods (if it is selected during build) will be version checked between clients and servers and must match
  • Apex micro dungeon changes
  • Some extra boring bug fixes not listed here
  • Added snow weather to some biome types
  • "-nerfer" added to name pool for new Apex, Avian, and Floran characters

Update 3 (March 18th, 2014)

Updating to let you guys know that everything listed in the previous [UNSTABLE] update has been pushed to the [STABLE] beta branch. We have pushed the big red button. :D[6]

Unstable Update 1 (March 4th, 2014)

Unstable Update 2 & 3 (March 7th, 2014)

Shiny new stuff:

Bug fixes:

  • Possible fix for repeat keys never triggering callback, hence resulting in old data being used (e.g. after holding backspace to clear account in server connect dialog).
  • Unix & Windows LockFile implementation, also fix bug with texturing flag not being moved during operator=
  • Fixed sit alignment on tier10 chair
  • Much improved variant <-> lua handling
  • Assorted engine fixes (e.g “Tag manifest as windows 7 compatible, trying to work our way out from under compatflags”)[7]

Unstable Update 4 (March 14th, 2014)

Update 4 (March 26th, 2014)

Have fun and enjoy. Please refer to the previous unstable changelogs cumulatively, we'll probably compile an announcement for it Monday. :D[9]

Unstable Update 5 (March 18th, 2014)

Hey! We’re making another upload to the unstable branch today– just small updates, with one semi-important scripting fix that affects mostly mods (which is why we’d like it to go out quickly).[10]


  • Temporarily disable image.cache (was accidentally re-enabled) pending incorporation into pak files
  • Fix Lua <-> C++ conversion with maps consisting of integers
  • net_socket_test, since it no longer waits on a specific packet type, had a race condition bug (fixed)


Unstable Update 6 (April 2nd, 2014)

Unstable Update 7 (April 8th, 2014)

Hey, listen! Patch notes for today’s update! It’s not a big one for content, since we’ve been focusing on some content-related things that are taking a bit longer. This one’s more focused on fixes or changes:[11]


  • Added case insensitive option to regexMatch, case sensitive by default -> updated pak_ignore file for case insensitive matching
  • Fix bug with background mods not being shadowed properly
  • Some general cleanup of StarAssets.hpp/StarMonsterDatabase.cpp/StarMonsterDatabase.hpp/StarRoot.hpp
  • Added timer to fix monster oscillation while in wander state
  • Fixed some objects (drain, midjar1, windstorm2.projectile)
  • Add /serverreload server side command, fix ImageMetadataDatabase threading crash
  • Cleaned up the build process
  • Retain script storage if retainObjectParametersInItem is set in an object
  • All directional swords should not override the arm frame, fixes back arm drawing bug
  • Don’t allow material ids out of the actual material id range (same for mods), fix skyrail ids by wrapping them to what they actually represent in the file
  • Added tileIsOccupied to the Lua Bindings


  • Changes to monster behaviors/skills as per this post
  • Conversion of existing monsters to .partparams, with a few exceptions
  • Some extra notes for modders provided here.

Unstable Update 8 (April 24th, 2014)

We pushed an update to the unstable branch last night!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Updated OSX build scripts to allow it to work with OSX 10.7+ – Please let us know if this is working for you!
  • Fixed issue where Grappling Hook sometimes causes a crash (and Climbing Rope)
  • Added new function to lua API to get item descriptor (not just name) from an entity’s hand “entityHandItemDescriptor”
  • Fix visual smelting bug
  • Made preview images flippable for asymmetric tiered doors (Violium Door, Rubium Door, and Impervium Door)
  • Fixed issue with build tests
  • 'Monster part' adjustments
  • added variables to allow Treasure Room spawning

OmnipotentEntity posted about the update on our subreddit earlier today as a head’s up, but I was running around at appointments and wasn’t here to do the changelog until now. Sorry for the late post! There’s a lot more work going on in separate branches that isn’t quite ready for primetime, but this patch is important in that it should allow people with older versions of OSX to be able to play– OSX 10.7.5 compatibility is one of our most common support questions! Additionally, this branch is probably going to be the new “stable” soon.[12]


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